Firewire Hellfire Surfboard Review –

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15 thoughts on “Firewire Hellfire Surfboard Review –”

  1. Michael Fulton

    I’m 6’0 and a whopping 130 pounds (still growing). What would be a good
    size for me? This will be my second board, I’ve been borrowing a 6’8
    wildfong board from my friend’s dad. Thanks

  2. BC Surf And Sport

    @dainenduffin1 The 5’10 would be in the acceptable range. I’m pretty close
    to that height and weight but I prefer a 6’0. I’m riding in some pretty
    small surf though (South Florida) so I like the extra flotation to get into
    waves. If you’re in a better spot (which is pretty much anywhere) then the
    5’10 should be fine.

  3. BC Surf And Sport

    @dainenduffin1 personally, I like the Spitfire. In my waves it works a
    little better most of the time. That’s down in South Florida though, and
    are waves are mushy and small. If you have more powerful, better formed
    waves, then the Hellfire will most likely be the better call.

  4. Steven Eisenberg

    I’m 52 years old, been surfing for 37 years and 183lbs. I’ve been riding 9′
    longboards for past 24 years (along with some funshapes and old school
    fishes). After a great trip to Costa Rica riding a 7’3″ 7S Superfish, I
    decided to buy a hybrid shortboard again and purchased a 7′ Hellfire
    yesterday. I surfed Hurricane Lesli swell in central FL (3-6′). The board
    floated and paddled like a longboard..easy to catch waves, turned on rails,
    and was fast! Looking forward to surfing the board again!!

  5. Just a little correction for ya there CJ…you stated that the rails are
    Bamboo. On the Hellfire they’re Balsa wood, ……not Bamboo

  6. BC Surf And Sport

    Hellfire would definitely work. Since you’re riding a shorter Dominator you
    could try out a thinner shortboard at a longer length. The 5’9 Hellrazor
    will bump you up a liter in volume and is a really versatile performance
    board. If you go with a Hellfire you may want to consider the 5’6. The 5’2
    Dominator clocks in at 23.3 liters of volume, and the 5’4 Hellfire would be
    slightly smaller at 22.7. Not much of a drop, but if you need a bit more
    volume check the 5’6.

  7. BC Surf And Sport

    @dainenduffin1 depends on your waves mostly. For mushier, less powerful
    waves go with the spitfire. If it’s a bit cleaner and lined up, check out
    the Hellfire.

  8. BC Surf And Sport

    Firewire has a good range of shred machines to hook you up. A lot will
    depend on the waves you’re riding, but here are a few suggestions
    considering you’re used to a 6’8. These will be a drop in total volume to
    get you something more maneuverable, but I’m staying close to 28 Liters.
    You could go up a little or down a little depending on your preference too.
    5’6 Dominator or Spitfire (trust me, at 130 lbs you can do it) – good for
    smaller mushy waves, 5’8 or 5’10 Hellfire, 5’9 or 5’11 Hellrazor

  9. Jackson Hopper

    im 14 5’5″ and i have a 5’2″ dominator and im looking for a longer more
    traditional shortboard, but i still want a versatile and floaty board.
    Would you recommend a 5’4″ hellfire for me?

  10. BC Surf And Sport

    @StittsvilleCruisers Oh no! looks like you got cut off. Let me know and
    I’ll help you out.

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