The SBG6782-AC SURFboard eXtreme is a totally good combo deal Should you ever consider a “love me, love my dog” kind of deal? CNET editor and love expert Dong Ngo explains how to make this high-ri…
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24 thoughts on “The SBG6782-AC SURFboard eXtreme is a totally good combo deal”

  1. i seem to have a problem with mine because when i followed the instructions
    i got the internet i just cant get streaming or multiplayer gaming i have
    charter internet is there any way i can get this fixed?

  2. I just bought this sexy cheetah! It works fantastic watching movies or
    loading games is flawless and it has MoCA!! worth the 200 bucks!!

  3. What about Mac compatibility I have a Arris and the WiFi times out on all
    my apple products every 20min, I want it just afraid to buy. Can someone
    let me know?

  4. Exactly. They will charge you every month for as long as you have them. I
    had comcast for 3 years (can’t get anyone else in my area) and paid $7 a
    month for that piece of crap.

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