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Friday August 29th – 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET Watch it LIVE at & Red Bull Cape Fear is a one day surf conte…
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  • The Guy That's Done Everything 3 years ago

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  • Alan Musgrove 3 years ago
  • Funny Vines and Awesome videos 3 years ago

    not really sure why the cover photo is of a left…

  • Keenan Fleming 3 years ago

    Flying Man at 1:56

  • chrimic 3 years ago

    its called OURS not Cape Fear..really cheezy name you’ve come up with for
    such sick wave

  • Tristan Sluce 3 years ago

    fucking worst event ever, way to ruin a spot red bull. 

  • Josh Benjamin 3 years ago

    J.O.B better be there

  • louwho53 3 years ago

    when will this event take place?

  • Jarrod Roopchand 3 years ago
  • Agua De Perro 3 years ago


  • Jimmy Davenport 3 years ago


  • Carl Addington 3 years ago

    Look at the ski at 2:13!

  • WhistleR PunteR 3 years ago

    GOTTa blow up everywave on earth for gay pro surfer ego glory,,,,, I’ll
    stil watch it………

  • Lucas Cegato 3 years ago

    OWW YES ……………………..

  • Brightonhub56 3 years ago


  • James Schuetze 3 years ago

    Very cool. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • Ange schneider 3 years ago

    when is this event gonna take place?

  • pakamaohi 3 years ago

    Looks like a right Teahupoo! 

  • Emiri Jacques Lemonnier 3 years ago
  • HyperionHDx 3 years ago

    Nice :D

  • Lucas Cegato 3 years ago


  • samgriffiths1000 3 years ago

    +louwho53 april to august is the waiting period… they will make the call
    5 days out pending on the forecast 

  • dukemikalopas 3 years ago

    Was that a jet ski that went under

  • Tom Groom 3 years ago

    J.O.B needs to be there!

  • al bundy 3 years ago

    bodyboarders first surfed this wave. BRA boys are out of area locals.