Surfing showdown at deadly slab – Red Bull Cape Fear

Friday August 29th – 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET Watch it LIVE at & The southern tip of Sydney Australia is ho…

25 thoughts on “Surfing showdown at deadly slab – Red Bull Cape Fear”

  1. You don’t own shit Bra Boys. What a bunch of self important arseholes.
    Incredulous to think everyone could just get along? 

  2. bodyboarders have been charging this break wayyyyy harder than these
    guys… dudes tossing backflips 10 feet above the lip…

  3. This is and always will be a bodyboard break. I know bodyboarders that have
    been surfing there for over 50 years. And the dumb cunt bra boys come and
    take over. They invite no locals to this bull shit contest. 

  4. Wait.. so bodyboarders aren’t allowed there. But they pioneered the spot,
    they kept it a secret and then the “bra” boys found it. Kicked the pioneers
    out. Blew it up on social media and invites red bull to come make a video
    of it? You guys are legitimately biggest kooks in the surfing world. Sounds
    like they should learn from those who came before.

  5. bra boys can shove a soft top their assholes. I surf but why would you just
    do that to bodyboarders… kick them out when they found the spot. Thats
    fucked up but shark isalnd is still better than this spot.

  6. iLiveOnFijiTime

    Since everyone is ‘finding’ this place and calling it their own (apparently
    Captain Cook found Australia according to the video), lets just go there
    and find it again and rename and and do something new there. lol. Just
    joking, however on a serious note, even as a surfer, I think those surfers
    did a dick move by stealing it away from the bodyboarders. Share and care.
    Surfers don’t give enough credit to bodyboarders, I’ve tried it a few times
    and it is not as easy as surfers think it is. 

  7. You don’t own part of the fucking ocean.. they say its too dangerous when
    too many people are there, yet they make a video and say where it is. get
    your priorities straight.

  8. As a surfer I honestly don’t care who’s in the water. Even swimmers! These
    guys just sound like Australian jerks who think they own whatever they come
    across. I wouldn’t ride the waves some body boarders ride. Standing or not!

  9. Lets just be honest here as an ex local to Shark Island. The only reason
    these idiots (Bra Boys) are so territorial with this break is because they
    can’t make the takeoff at shark island so they claimed the wave that is
    easier to ride.

  10. I fully understand the situation and how its dangerous for too many
    bodyboarders to be there but you have to feel a little bad for the
    bodyboarders as they found the break.

  11. all this event did was highlight the fact that originally it was a
    boadyboard wave and the bra boys moved in and stole it! they all looked
    very silly

  12. islandlifestylephoto

    Surfboards are more dangerous than a foam bodyboard. Just saying, i have a
    higher chance of slicing someone with my fins and causing an injury if i
    hit someone.

  13. zeclosetmonster

    “it’s open to anyone but boogeyboarders” really? who has been surfing this
    wave longer, bodyboarders or surfers? the bra boys aren’t even from
    kurnell…? kobe, pull your head in. 

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