Surfing: “Riders of the California Surf” 1947 Hermosa Pix

more at Shows surfing at Hermosa Beach, California, in 1947, in color. Also shows the construction of a surfboard. Silent. The …

16 thoughts on “Surfing: “Riders of the California Surf” 1947 Hermosa Pix”

  1. Yes the shaper is my Father Ed Edgar…..he is also one of the body surfers
    on the small boards….Eagle tattoo on arm. He was in the Navy……hence

  2. Is that Dale Velzy shaping the plank? Who else was making boards in the
    South Bay in 19547 (with tatoos on their arms)?

  3. Grew up there in 50’s, only a few houses and lots of sand dunes. Very few
    surfers. Kerwins, Tom Rawlings, other watermen. My first board (1962) was
    fiberglass and solid pigment but weighed a ton. My neighbors (Mettlers) had
    pictures of themselves surfing Hawaii, Wiamea. I thought those photos were
    fake! All the local kids wanted to stand up on something, anything, and
    ride the waves!

  4. Great piece of work. Thanks for tweaking it to make it presentable. Also
    noticed about the earliest beach volleyball I have ever seen. I surfed
    Hermosa in the 1960s.

  5. I believe that the man shaping the board is Ed Edgar, a fantastic craftsman
    and one of the surfing Edgar brothers from Hermosa in the ’40s. I may have
    seen a Kerwin or two in the surf scenes…Does anyone know who shot the

  6. Notice no power tools were used in the creation of the board – just human
    arms. Not the most extreme waves here, but riding big surf was still years
    in the future at this point.

  7. Let me add my thanks too. Great seeing how much fun the beach and surfing
    were back then. Also great to see what went into shaping a board. Hard to
    believe the changes in surfboards and surfing just ten years later when I
    started in the late-50s.

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