Surfing North Shore Hawaii

Surf video of various North Shore surf spots on Oahu, Hawaii.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Surfing North Shore Hawaii”

  1. probably the most ignorant thing i’ve ever read you idiot. thats why people
    in Hawaii dont like dumb fuckn haoles like you. dont call yourself a surfer
    you poser

  2. hey dude that just post below me, who the hell do you think you are, no
    respect insulting those who are not fortunate as we are then you call them
    the native homeless sdfu man you must be one hoale cuz if you were native
    one of the homeless would be related to you, so show respect.

  3. @mLcres its really different then what u expect. huge swells are hellaa

  4. And you know who told me the lifestyle thing one of your own people, so
    progress cause if we wouldn’t have came the Japanese would have and made
    your island one big city like Tokyo, doesn’t make it right but thats the
    way it is and you can’t change it, you can fight all the haole’s ya want
    just makes you an asshole. so relax enjoy life.

  5. ahhh fuck off if u mad cuz u no live in hawaii. we dont hate white people
    we hate fuckas who think they have priority over others. respect is for

  6. no more respect from the haole’s when they come here. they think they can
    own everything. go home not welcome!!!

  7. YEAH my home here nice vid surf every were on the north shore skip sku just
    to do it and lovin every moment!.

  8. what time of the year is this? bc i know in january the waves are just
    ridiculously huge. these are just right

  9. draviridifilms

    WOW.. esa rola se me hace familiar jeje.. en la serie de baywatch.. x
    cierto extraño ver esa serie je.. es de mis favoritas =`( pi pi… cool
    song!! =)

  10. Oh God,Its like im there bra.Like a prehistoric caveman surfer rippin like
    it aint nothin,an everything at the same time,to make that mark,if only for
    a split sec in time,for all eternity,useing mother earth to bond an for raw
    enjoyment.I am ocean,I am earth

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