Surfing Lessons & Surfing Exercises: Surfing Pop Up Surfing Training Truth – Powering Surfing Athletes and creating beach bodies with nutrition for surfers, surfers workouts, exercises for surfing, sur…
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6 thoughts on “Surfing Lessons & Surfing Exercises: Surfing Pop Up Surfing Training Truth”

  1. blackhat blackhat

    Yea, Im just transitioning from 20+ years body boarding, ( serious,
    competed in the ESA) I’m older now 39, and skateboarded for years, and not
    making my way into standup surfing. I’ve been googling techniques, but more
    n more my brain’s been telling me, just get out there, stop this bs of just
    trying to get fit for something you dont know what other muscles you’re
    gonna use. So I’m sticking to cardio to keep me good and getting out in the
    cold water 39F as of today.Thanks man!

  2. FatigueHelpSecrets

    This is so true, I have found many people lose energy by training
    incorrectly, good video, keep making them. Thks

  3. SurfTrainingSecrets

    If you want your own personal trainer for FREE visit Surf Training Secrets
    website and learn the facts about nutrition, performance, training and how
    you can improve your surfing.

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