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  • alangilchrist73 4 years ago

    And dude just cut to the chase. Stop talking about yourself and actually
    provide info that is useful. You didn’t talk about how we should train but
    you blabbered on and on. I hope this is the last video you post because you
    suck wore than wipeout bra. And I don’t mind wipeing out. That is how bad
    you are at talking to people.

  • alangilchrist73 4 years ago

    Ok you talk too much and don’t make any sense whatsoever. You just blab on
    and on. You know not everyone hurts from surfing. I don’t and I surf and I
    train my own way, I train to that I buikd endurance and by doing that I
    build strength. I also stretch and everything and I am fine. Insurf for 2
    maybe 3 hours till I take a break. You know people need a break even from
    surfing. Take 30 to an hour break time and then I am out surfing again, I
    haven’t had any problems.