Surfing 101 : Basic Beginning Surfing Tips

If you’re just starting out with surfing, there are a few basic tips that can help acclimate you to the experience. Find out a few basic beginning surfing ti…

25 thoughts on “Surfing 101 : Basic Beginning Surfing Tips”

  1. nice video, you seemed a bit awkward talking tho, not that i could do
    better, just constructive criticism 

  2. great info – thanks Gabe – you reintroduce the lighter- more cheerful side
    to surfing !
    check out me rcsurfing 101 videos – click my page !

  3. Thanks so much Gabe. great into. You covered everything very clearly for a
    beginner. I’m grateful and look forward to learning slowly and safely.

  4. What i hate about ehow is they post 25 vids on one topic and separate them
    into 25 videos so i have spend a total of 3-5 extra minutes of loading and
    buffering time to watch a video they should just combine into one

  5. Fred Batterham

    @lilrabbit97 Yes, I skate aswell as surf, alot of skating positively
    transfers to surfing, especially if you skate loose trucks.

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