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Slater Dominates Heat 6 of the Opening Round at Jeffreys Bay

The 11-time World Champion defeats rookie Mitch Crews and wildcard Dylan Lightfoot in Round 1.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • james stockbauer 3 years ago

    Very pleasant viewing so graceful all of these guys. 

  • Kaleigh Black 3 years ago

    any other cocoa beach locals?

  • Viida Ngai 3 years ago

    is Slater still surfing?? keep goin man.,I don’t know alot of surfers
    but I know he owned his waves:-)

  • al bundy 3 years ago

    shit wave , pro bodyboarders wudnt pisss on this wave

  • Claudio Magna 3 years ago
  • raja yaqoob 3 years ago

    Slater Dominates Heat 6 of the Opening Round at Jeffreys Bay:

  • Sinisbal 3 years ago

    When champions surf!! We all are champions when we push our limits for good
    and towards God- He healed me of homosexuality. That journey was wilder
    than the ocean waves. And the war is won!!

  • liam - mason 3 years ago


  • Ho Stevie! 3 years ago

    Slater so good. teach me!

  • Turtorials 3 years ago

    Go AUS!!!

  • adventuresinbelieving 3 years ago

    …reminds me of when Dora and Mick Peterson waxed up and faced off at Dee
    Why, or was that Kirra, or was that Shaun Tomson and The Duke? Gotta love
    France eh?

  • Mentalkiwi 1 3 years ago


  • itsatz 3 years ago

    Surfing competitions are really stupid.

  • Cyrus Chan 3 years ago

    Mnnbb. B

  • Shirley smith 3 years ago

    Slater shows how it is done

  • LeftDown RightUpGaming 3 years ago

    that 8.3 from kelly was just perfect.

  • adam bamf 3 years ago

    mitch crews has such a chill style 

  • W Esancy 3 years ago

    fucking sick Kelly Slater World Champion !!!

  • ozkaz28 3 years ago

    The ad at the start was awesome, it’s true the younger generation have the
    power to erase smoking, great ad, must show my kids :)

  • Amy Miller Rogers 3 years ago

    I remember when he was just a kid doing this off the Lighthouse in Buxton,
    N.C. Still kicking it

  • bonz420 3 years ago

    gives ol boys like me inspiration 

  • じゅんたかお 3 years ago


  • nivaldo silva 3 years ago

    Medina do Brasil bem melhor

  • ごーどん 3 years ago