Share Button Icon Bethany Hamilton surfed her first heat on Saturday morning in San Diego, making it through to the Round of 24 along with B…
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  • ToolsnFire 4 years ago

    So leg kicking and one armed paddling gets her into waves, wow

  • pandatoco151 4 years ago

    Love this girl

  • Jason Lowe 4 years ago

    I live in San Diego!!! I was there

  • euripideesshreds 4 years ago

    This brave girl is so inspiring… and me … a tough guy can hardly type
    this through my own tears. Amazing.

  • Jazzy Ziggy 4 years ago

    Wow.. such an inspiring girl. I just finished watching would surfer. On a
    much smaller scale, I injured my knee in a skiing accident (im a
    snowboarder but know how to ski & was skiing that day cuz my bro & dad were
    too & convinced me to join) Tore a crucial ligament. I always knew I wanted
    to continue martial arts & snowboarding once I recovered… Bethany drove
    away any doubt.

  • tradefedphil 4 years ago

    Bethany is a ripper.

  • onemoremex 4 years ago

    wat a hottie

  • Jazzy Ziggy 4 years ago

    Also want to ski one more time even though its not my cuppa tea. Just so I
    know that the fear of the fall didn’t stop me. That the last time I skied
    was not the time I fell..

  • Rachel Barrett 4 years ago

    I was there and i met her