PPJT Funny Best Surfing Fails/Wins Catch Surf Back Wash (Professionals) 2012

PPJT Funny Best Surfing Fails/Wins Catch Surf Back Wash (Professionals) 2012

CARNAGE ON FOAM SURFBAORDS AT UPHAMS BACKWASH! I (Jack 10E) John Akerman, Alex Chapstick, Turner 10E, Merrick Westlund & Michael Romano all getting worked at…
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25 thoughts on “PPJT Funny Best Surfing Fails/Wins Catch Surf Back Wash (Professionals) 2012”

  1. Damn, i would love to learn to surf and shit, the Netherlands has much
    benefits, but i dont live near by the sea and it is a big time in the year
    freakin’ cold and there is so much freakin’ rain.. i would love to try out
    living in miami for a while.

  2. Should take a trip out to the north shore of O’ahu during December, those
    waves where epic! Down the way they had some 20 footers I wouldn’t even get
    in the water with lol

  3. don’t listen to sacred warlock hes never been on a surfboard in his life
    any surfer would kill to do stupid fun crap like this with his friends

  4. ITs the gulf coast of Florida so it takes a cold front or at this point a
    hurricane for waves. When they come around its always a lot of fun though;)

  5. Hahaha I did have a good laugh at that. Its funny because I live 5 block
    down the street from Corey Lopez. If you know skeleton bay you know Corey,
    it seems that anyone who surfs there or is in with the “Skeleton Bay
    locals” films. You do not I see no footage on your channel so I have reason
    to believe you are just bullshitting. Stay chilled brahhh

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