Local Style – Best Surf Breaks in Bali Indonesia, Episode 9

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25 thoughts on “Local Style – Best Surf Breaks in Bali Indonesia, Episode 9”

  1. Secluded along the western coast of Lampung, beyond the thick forests of
    the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park lies an enchanting hidden paradise
    called Tanjung Setia Beach. Although obscured from spotlights, the waves at
    Tanjung Setia are touted as among the world’s best by surfers from all over
    the globe, and at par with the world famous surf of Hawaii. chek

  2. If you bring your own board and are actually savvy with how the locals
    barter then you wont have a problem or just do the normal thing and be
    friendly and make friends….


    Get away from the buzzing nightlife , come stay with us in VIP Villa Canggu
    ! 5 minutes walk to the beach !

  4. I am from East Java. I really love Bali. scenery, culture, natural
    resources and extraordinary waves. I really like to see surfers surfing in
    Bali. I will probably be vacationing there if I finished with my business
    in Surabaya. Bali is so abundant wealth should be able to make people live
    a prosperous and rich, yet not entirely natural wealth felt by the
    population. Bali is still a lot of people living in poverty. Foreign
    controlled wealth Bali and many corrupt parties from outside Bali.

  5. thats not true,,many Local surfers are good, maybe you were unlucky
    mate…I know many local surfers they are nice ….

  6. if you respect and just to say hello nicely to the local,every where you go
    you gone have fun and a good wave. if you don’t know about bali,so just
    “shut up”

  7. BE CAREFULL Bali was a nice place to surf but now its a nightmare. Lots of
    japanese surfers pay lots of Money to indonesian surfers. They go both (
    the indonesian and japanese surfer ) to the outside and then the local
    surfer give all the waves to the guy that give him money. So if you dont
    have money to pay to the locals u dont surf, they dropin you. Bali locals
    surfers = SCAM If you want to surf in Bali you have to buy the plane
    ticket, house, food, locals fees to surf = 5000 usd

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