Explore Perth to Margaret River Australia Put Margaret River at the top of your list of places to visit What do Bali, Byron Bay and Margaret River WA have in…

10 thoughts on “PERTH TO MARGARET RIVER AUSTRALIA by Lonely Planet”

  1. could anyone tell me what the lady says between 0:32 and 0:40? The kind of
    people who live in Perth they’re the people who ……? and she says
    something like apicunous moment? I know that such a word doesn’t exist but
    that’s what I hear. I am a migrant who will live in Perth soon, and I am
    trying to cope with the australian accent. Thanks

  2. thank you very much for your interesting commentaries; it’s more clear for
    me now what she wanted to mean. Thanks

  3. Gurtrude mc muffin

    you kidding ? fremantle is a good place ? haha your deluded , margs is
    great and yalls, dunsborugh there great places not fremantle ha

  4. fremantle is one of my favourite places in wa and an absolute jewel of
    perth. a vibrant hub of artistic culture. if that is your opinion, then you
    must be a very boring person

  5. That word is “epiphanous” and I think she’s showing off. “Epiphany” is
    derived from the Greek word “phaino” which means “show” and in English is
    usually used in the context of the birth of Christ where the infant Jesus
    was made manifest to the Magi. The word is also used in rather pretentious
    circles when describing a moment of realisation. She was describing how
    people from other states suddenly “discover” how supposedly beautiful Perth
    is when visiting from “lesser” Australian cities.

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