Model/Surfer KELIA MONIZ Surfing in Waikiki, Oahu ケリア・モニーツ

Roxy Kelia Moniz ケリア・モニーツ Surfing Waikiki. Model/Pro Surfer Kelia Moniz with rothers MIcah, Isaiah, Josh, and Seth Moniz longboarding in Waikiki. Family time…
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25 thoughts on “Model/Surfer KELIA MONIZ Surfing in Waikiki, Oahu ケリア・モニーツ”

  1. Damn, I miss these waikiki days where I first started boogie boarding and
    surfing and sometimes paipo boarding!
    This is cool when you can get the ohana and come out early before all da
    tourist invade!


    Nice long boards, her brothers are riding SO FRESH by Modex surfboards,
    (the green and the elephant purple flowers long boards). Mahalo guys!

  3. ive seen ur videos before u have the worst taste in music …. the music
    change and a little better editing could make ur videos so much better they
    dont have to be metal it can stiull be chill music try like “Paris Hilton –
    Stars Are Blind” the lyrics are perfect for brother and sisters hanging at
    least. its a girly song and just fits so much better i hope u take my
    advice i mean this in the nice possible way…

  4. Ho miKezy gotz da bigboy swim shots and all now i trip! fug i getting old
    XD yah rock dem waikizzles 😉 Mofo me @ da Kaiser Bowlz ladat m/ Aroa!

  5. Putu Pradnya Upadhita

    Wow I wish my family likes surfing as much as in this vid… my family is
    afraid of the ocean and I’m from Bali.. and I’m seriously the only one in
    the family who considers it fun to surf 0_o

  6. same here man same here. my family doesn’t really enjoy going into the
    ocean. first started surfing in Japan and did it while I was living in
    Safi, Morocco. Sidi Ifni has great surf if you are ever in Morocco one day.
    I want to live in Hawaii someday

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