Longboard Surfing-Girls Rip DVD… a Longboard Movie

Longboard Surfing-Girls Rip DVD... a  Longboard Movie

Girls Rip showcases the explosionof talent in women’s surfing. Featuring many of the world’s best longboard surfers riding Malibu,Rincon,Swami’s,Huntington,C…

25 thoughts on “Longboard Surfing-Girls Rip DVD… a Longboard Movie”

  1. Glad you’re stoked.You can get Girls Rip on line if you do a search or just
    google Girls Rip DVD. Or you can get it at a surf shop.Just call and ask if
    they have it.Thanks for your interest!

  2. Where can I get the DVD!Fullyy stoked seeing female longboards.First
    opening shot is the best, by far, especially on the days you’re stuck

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