5 thoughts on “Longboard Fin Basics”

  1. Never thought single fin would affect nose riding!
    Gliding and nose riding was my first goal when i bought a 9’2. It is very
    wide and thick, and i thought that would help nose riding. It has 3 fins.
    But I started to realize the thickness doesnt help much, and the board is
    too heavy. It neihter carves well nor nose rides well.
    What is it good for? I can catch most waves with a single row, and it is
    very stable with bigger waves. But really big waves here happen twice a
    year or so…

  2. Drummer6374: Yes you can add a little more ‘bite’ to your turns with side
    bites on your Single Fin Longboard. But it may feel a little stiffer, sort
    of like a tri fin set up. A straight single fin (without side bites) will
    have more glide (and some would say soul, lol). Tri Fins are made for
    turning. Single Fins are made for gliding. Both can do what the other does,
    but neither can do what the other does as well as the other. Lol….does
    that answer your question?

  3. the Surf Station

    So funny you ask that, we actually recorded a 2 fin scenario but I cut it
    thinking “hardly anyone has a twin fin longboard”. Wrong I am! It would be
    a really fast, loose sort of feel. You could probably do a lot of
    slideslipping with that set up. Probably not much for nose riding. Sort of
    like a quad longboard but with even less hold.

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