25 thoughts on “Lessons in alpine snowboard carving”

  1. Crazy man… Makes me want to set my bindings at similar (insane) angles
    and fall on my *ss to get a better appreciation. Smooooth man, I could
    watch that whole vid again for inspiration.

  2. yo tom… can u give an exact “how to” or a “guide” on how to carve i can
    carve perfectly with the toes but ankles just dont work im goofy by the
    way. also.. every single time i try to stop i fall on my ass.. is that
    because i pick up the board to high or not high when im stopping?

  3. u can get alot more performance out of wat u call the ec turns, casi calls
    it down unweighting(im a casi 3) switch ur edge earlier when ur board has
    alil more cambre(bend) so taht it basically shoots ur board to the next
    edge real fast. dont worry about taht dmg ur angulation as ur turns are
    slimmer because when ur legs “cross under”

  4. Ha ha ha, that’d be funny 🙂 Let me see if I can affix the camera behind my
    back foot, though most of the point-of-view footage is hard to watch. Still
    have a month left this season!

  5. they pop up to the other side and once u get the timing it will become
    perfect C’s and wont dmg ur turn. This technique is great for getting
    maximal edge angles especialy on flat stuff. I can almost perfectly euro
    carve a few times on the flats using this technique as ur carve shoots fast
    and gets aggresive on the next turn

  6. painfull94 I think carving has to do with just using your edges to turn
    rather than pushing your back foot to skid through the turn. After you
    ride, look at your tracks. If they are pretty skinny and jump from edge to
    edge, you’re carving. But if the snow is kinda messy when you turned,
    you’re skidding.

  7. So, i’ve been trying to use more of my full SCR on an old Hooger Booger 148
    i ride, not too too stiff by today’s standards, but i figure if i get on
    plates with it i’ll start to adapt. Is alpine carving more about using your
    whole body to turn? Or is it the opposite where you are not moving your
    body to initiate a turn but rather initiating it with your legs then using
    your body to coax out of it?

  8. just out of curiosity, what angles do you have your bindings at? from what
    I can see, it looks like you have both at least 15 degress forward…

  9. I’m about 200 lbs. I used BTS with all yellow springs, now I ride all
    yellow on front and all blue on back. But I like my boots flexy…

  10. you seem to have had good training. i just took at look at ur article and
    its full of good stuff:D youve really thought/trained alot havent u hehe
    how long have u been riding? and where have u trained? btw im like the only
    carver i know that rides on a freestyleboard 🙁 i dun have enuf money heh
    im stil in high skool:D:D

  11. Thanks, beanazz. In fact the things you mentioned are what I’ve been
    working on since I assembled this movie — I’ll try to make “part II”
    towards the end of this season.

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