Ski Lessons of Legend

Ski Lessons of Legend

Legendary ski lessons… Pre-order your copy here: Volume #1 of the Piste to Peak – Ski Performance Video Series: Reach ‘technical skiing enlightenment’ by feasting…

12 thoughts on “Ski Lessons of Legend”

  1. Section 8 Snowsport Institute

    Our ridiculous trailer for our new Piste to Peak ski instructional video
    series coming soom… Ski Lessons of Legend…

  2. Section 8 Snowsport Institute

    The first video in the new Piste to Peak Series is being released next
    week… Volume 1 Skiing Fundamentals

  3. I just downloaded volume 1 skiing fundamentals… pretty good job , but
    please in the next series turn the
    music off when you are speaking , it is already difficult because it is in
    english , I keep missing important
    words…. I hope you’ll be more specific about work of the feet and thighs
    , specially in short turns. Anyway
    well done , but don’t stop it now.

  4. Why are his feet glued together?
    Why does he constantly ski with 100% weight on the downhill ski all the
    Why did he do a worm turn (I should have shut it off right there)
    Why don’t you call this Legendary ski lessons from 1986?

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