Learn Turkish – Turkish in Three Minutes – How to Introduce Yourself in Turkish

http://www.TurkishClass101.com/video Learn to introduce yourself in Turkish with our Turkish in Three Minutes series! In Turkey, manners are important, and t…

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  1. Learn Turkish with TurkishClass101.com

    Learn Turkish – Turkish in Three Minutes – How to Introduce Yourself in

    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to introduce yourself in Turkish.
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    in Three Minutes – How to Introduce Yourself in Turkish

  2. Çok sağolasın Zehra sayende 3 dakikada Türkçe öğrendim. Allah razı olsun
    iki gözüm. Thank you so much Zehra. I learned Turkish in three minutes
    owing to you. God bless you my eyes.

  3. ThoseTolerableNoobs

    This was very helpful – however, it would be great if you could focus on
    the ‘Taniśtigizima’ word, as my pitiful western voicebox can’t even begin
    to make the sounds required to pronounce it – it doesn’t seem to follow
    Latin-alphabet rules for what letter make which sound. 

  4. She says it’s easy. as a native english speaker, it is insanely difficult
    to hear what she is saying. It literally strains me to try and read/say
    these words tanistigimiza doesn’t look like it sounds.

    I need to learn turkish letters first i think.

  5. How in England can I say “Can I get a small Doner Kebab please?”

    I’d really like to shock our local kebab house :D

  6. Thanks for this videos! I’m from Germany and I want to learn Turkish
    because a lot of my friends speak Turkish and it’s a cool language. But the
    pronunciation is very difficult!

  7. Hello, is there anyone who wanna practice in Turkish? Because i’ll be an
    exchange (completelt different country, i’m Turkish) student next term and
    i also try to improve my english. You can find turkish series with english
    subtitle on my channel.

  8. ムーンクラウン

    She forgot to mention something. After every sentence, you have to put
    Example: Merhaba, ben *__* , lan. You can also put “amk” instead of “lan”

  9. sombebody help me, please! What does exactly mean: “tanistigimiza memnun
    oldum?” does it mean: “I’m glad to meet you”, or “we are glad to meet you”
    because I translated it with google translator, and according to it, it
    means we are glad to meet you, so “I am glad to meet you” means:
    tanistigima memnun oldum…. ?!

  10. Thanks for sharing these lessons! I’m Indian and I absolutely love Turkish!
    After Persian, Turkish is one of the easiest languages to learn for Indians
    and Pakistanis. There are some differences yet there are many subtle
    similarities! Çok seviyoruz sizi turkiye!

  11. Hi from Istanbul/Turkey

    I’m really happy because I’m living at Istanbul/Acıbadem. If some1 is
    thinking to go univercity in Turkey, shouldn’t. Nice to live in İstanbul,
    if you want 1000Mb/ps internet, hobby toys(rc car etc.)
    Supermarkets/Markets are open from morning 6:00 to 22:00, streets are nice.
    But if some1 really want to live in Turkey, must know Turkish. Here all
    univercity students know English and German but all the people don’t know
    english or german. EU propagandas shows my country bad, armenian genocide
    is not real, don’t forget this. If ur living in a EU country, or america,
    you will see bad propagands at TV, in newspapers about Turkey. And don’t
    forget this, Turks are not like arabs, Turks hates arabs because they are
    very dirty, this is only seeable by people one, arabs kill people from
    rear, they are not trustable, go look at 1st World War. And never don’t
    forget this, any1 couldn’t dismantle this country and any1 can not and
    don’t have to do too. You can find this in UK,FR,DE,IT country archives,
    Anatolia map made by eu countries, they want to dismantle Turkey but they
    can’t. And idk why i see mosque pictures wallpapers in turkish lessons,
    that is why people don’t want to understand this, life in turkey for 15
    year boy, make breakfast, go to school, come to home, play PS4 or computer,
    chat from whatsapp with your friends, sex is of course free in Turkey, lol
    i can’t think any people which didn’t do sex, being muslim don’t means you
    can’t do theese. Gl all people in them life.

  12. Merhaba. Nasılsınız? Türkçe öğreniyorum. Seni seviyorum Türk dili. Teşekkur
    ederim. Allahaısmarladık.

    I am hoping for Turkish to be my second language. So if the translation up
    there is incorrect. Please correct it for me. Teşekkur ederim. :)

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