If your thinking about getting into Kiteboarding then this is the perfect place to start. Learn to fly the Leading Edge Kiteboarding trainer kite by watching…


  1. Leading Edge Productions

    Hi M-lee Baker – glad you liked the video. I wouldn’t recommend using these
    kites on the water for body dragging as there isn’t a safety setup, the
    lines may break, and the kites aren’t designed to relaunch. I would
    recommend taking a body drag lesson and they should have actual
    Kiteboarding kites included in the lesson. Keeping your trainer kite dry
    and sand free will also help it last longer!

  2. Great clip. Wish I had watched it when I received my Leading Edge Trainer.
    Can you learn to body drag with them? Mine wouldn’t relaunch when it got

  3. Leading Edge Productions

    Hopefully this video helps you learn to fly a trainer kite. If it does,
    please leave a “comment” and click “like.” Also, tell your friends. Thanks!

  4. Where should the kite be launched from in reference to the person with the
    bar? It appears to be directly downwind in this video, but I have read that
    you should never launch directly downwind.

  5. Leading Edge Productions

    “Like” Leading Edge Productions on Facebook and you could win the kite
    featured in this video! When the Leading Edge Productions facebook page
    hits 1000 fans, one fan (at random) will receive a “Learn To Kiteboard
    Package.” This package includes: a Leading Edge “true” 2 M Kiteboarding
    trainer kite with “Trainer Kite Bootcamp,” and bonus “My Session – Volume
    1” instructional DVD’s!

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