Kiteboarding Lessons for Beginners : How to Launch & Land a Kiteboard

You always want to launch and land your kiteboard safely. This free video discusses the different windows of wind and the neutral position to ensure your saf…
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21 thoughts on “Kiteboarding Lessons for Beginners : How to Launch & Land a Kiteboard”

  1. i used to wake board but my dads friend sold his boat so i started to
    mountain board down big hills. i want something abit different so i thought
    i wanna try kiteboarding. but…… i know nothing about it. so what do i
    need? obviously i need a board(alreday got a mountain board)and kite. thats
    all i know πŸ˜› so can people tell me the basic stuff i need! thanks alot!

  2. Thanks for making the captions friendly for the Deaf and Hard of hearing
    people because there are many Deaf and Hard of hearing people that are
    interested in learning how to kiteboard. Can you make a video of you doing
    the kiteboard on the water and we the Deaf people would like to see how
    that works on the water. Your instruction about safety is very IMPORTANT.
    It is also great visual display for us to understand better. Thank you!
    Please continue to make more videos with captions.

  3. Ok, he says where in the powerzone you should be, but there’s more to a
    kite launch or landing. I can launch on my own, but haven’t realy figured
    out how to make a solo landing that doesn’t make me sweat my b’s off.

  4. NotJustAnotherRogue

    Wow youtube is getting so fucking gay. Commercials before videos, ads
    everywhere, video rentals, and this shitty new layout.

  5. what a crock of sh#t this guy is a tit his teaching and explanations make
    no sense at all ! stop watching this dribble and go to a fully qualified
    instructor, pay your dues and learn to kitesurf quickly and safely !

  6. how to launch a kiteboard? where do you buy a lined and flyable board? i
    usually stand on it and let the kite up instead of standing on the kite and
    let the board up (the title is wrong πŸ˜‰ )

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