7 thoughts on “ISAF Kite rescue packdown”

  1. an instructionvideo for kitesurfing is ok BUT: As a beginner you’l never
    learn kitesurfing whitout good practical instruction! It’s a big differance
    sitting behind your screen or standing in the water whit a nice wind
    blowing……. So starting kitesurfing? Take practical lessons!!!! A
    warning like something like this from the ISAF will do no harm……

  2. This is a very good point. We started wth the ‘ideal’ conditions for all of
    our videos as an attempt to encourage beginners, at which these resurces
    are aimed, to go kiting in moderate conditions. We are in the process of
    looking at the production of a number of videos that focus on the not so
    perfect conditions and giving advice for the Kiter that may find themselves
    in stronger winds both for shoreside activity as well as in deep water.
    Thank you for your valuablke feedback and support.

  3. Kiteboarding is a practical sport where lessons are essential. It cannot be
    learned solely in a book, through a video, on a simulator or taught by a
    friend. There are some fundamental principles that need to be mastered in a
    structured order to avoid issues with your equipment impacting on other
    people or yourself.

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