25 thoughts on “How To Surf – How To Duckdive”

  1. but that’s alright. It’s normal that a wave hits you a little bit in the
    back, if you’re underwater, the wave hitting your feet or your back
    actually helps you get up quicker. but if you’re getting ”washed up” by
    the wave, that’s because you’re not diving the nose very well…it’s always
    the nose that matters 😉

  2. I’m always getting pounded in the rougher winter surf when I use my soft
    top board, can you really duck dive with a soft-top or am I just not doing
    it right? PS: My board is so bouyant, I can sit on it and it doesn’t even
    go two inches underwater, also, I’m not very heavy…

  3. i duck dived then when i resurfaced the wave was an inch infront of me and
    the whitewater can turn into waves again in the current

  4. Me too Ive an 8ft fiberglass longboard and the damm thing wont sink for a
    duck dive, of course Im only 140Ibs so that could be the problem but I just
    end up looking like Im trying to do a push-up on the board – the thing just
    floats and I get slammed. No problem with a shorter board – but Im 6ft tall
    so I need a 7-8ft board so?

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