25 thoughts on “How To Surf – How To Duckdive A Longboard”

  1. You should never deliberately let go of a long board. You could kill
    somebody. It’s not just about your own safety you need to consider other
    people too. If it’s too big for you go somewhere else and learn to do it
    properly until you’re safe enough to be there.

  2. this shit might work on a fuckin 1 to 2 foot day anything bigger and your
    fucked long boarders just ditch your shit it alot easier

  3. ok, my bad, duh……. Ok, you are paddling out on your long board, you
    find yourself in the pit of a wave about to break, slide off the board,
    fins away from you, grab the nose so the tail faces the beach and hold onto
    the nose as the wave crashes over you. This method, however will not work
    on 15ft plus waves. In those instances take a deep breath, dump your board
    and enjoy the underwater ride 🙂

  4. Thanks for your input but can you explain a bit further, how do you turn
    the board around so the fins are to the wave? If you slide off the tail is
    facing the beach. (assuming you are paddling out). Thanks.

  5. Or dont ditch an get your face smashed in and posably knoked out buy your
    board , thats smart….(not). big waves can have incredable amounts of
    power, even if youve got strong arms a wave can easily rip your board from
    your slipery rail grip.

  6. I have to write this in 2 parts. No disrespect meant, and I am by no means
    an expert, but I have been surfing long boards at Ocean Beach in Northern
    California for years and can tell you first hand that this method will do
    more harm than good in waves 10 feet or more, especially if you are in the
    pit as the wave crests. I know this from trial and error.

  7. if the wave is bigger than 5 feet there´s more danger trying to hold on to
    the board than to let it go…catch it afterwards…

  8. This shit wont work on a big day ditching your board might be the best
    option but very risky it might hit another surfer

  9. oops, sorry, 3 parts……….I have found the most effective method to
    avoid being dragged backwards or flipped etc is as the wave is about to
    come down on you, slide of the board, grab the nose and turn the board on
    its side, fins away from you, tail to the wave, nose to the beach, and
    tread water with your legs. Now you offer less surface, both body and board
    to the water. But remember, the ocean has no limits, KNOW YOURS!

  10. so far the best method i learned on my own is to dump the board and just
    let the wave crash over you; after that, catch the board and paddle off
    back to the line up…

  11. Trevor Hungerford

    I sometimes bail off, turn the board nose facing the beach, flip the board
    over so fins are up, grab where the leg rope is attached to the board and
    pull down with the board under the wave. If you can’t hold on, let some of
    the lead out or just let go….works most times…

  12. carnivourousbogplant

    I don’t know about you ladies and gents but I learned how to duck dive and
    roll by actually going in the ocean and surfing. This may be good for a
    reference, but I think the only way to really learn is to go out there and
    do it yourself.

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