How To Choose The Right Snowboard- The Best Snowboards for Beginners

How to pick the right snowboard for beginners – Craig from Buckeye Surf & Snow in Bobcaygeon walks you through some of the differe…

20 thoughts on “How To Choose The Right Snowboard- The Best Snowboards for Beginners”

  1. I didn’t think the video was that informative if you want to buy outside
    Burton Boards, Boots and Bindings. The size designation to weight is
    important but length should be explained a little more thoroughly. Not a
    terrible video but for 5 minutes there wasn’t a whole lot of information on
    what the “right board” is.

  2. Do you guys go up to UK size 14 boot? And also since I’m like In between
    185 and 200 pounds what bored should I get? But also I’m like 6ft 7. 

  3. Telecommunication Company PRINT AD looking for :
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  4. Is it possible to get a board with reverse camber & raised edges towards
    the end of the board? That way a beginner is less likely to catch edges,
    and is able initiate turns easier?

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