How to choose the right size surfboard – “The Big 3”

The largest surfboard selection in the world! We ship worldwide daily: Trip Forman runs through our formula for selecting the right size surfboard….
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  1. REAL Watersports

    Lucas – thanks for your question. Let us know how much you weigh, your
    age, where you are surfing and how often you get a chance to surf. We’ll
    recommend the perfect board. Thanks! -Chris +REAL Watersports 

  2. REAL Watersports

    +Jordie Sutherland thanks for your question. If you’re just learning to do
    turns, a thruster (tri-fin) board is probably the way to go. Thrusters are
    known for being user-friendly and, to over-simplify things, they tend to go
    where you point them. At 59kg = 130lbs, early intermediate level, you
    should probably be looking at boards in the 26-28L range. Check out a 5’9″
    or 5’10” Mini-driver, this is a versatile shape that you can keep riding as
    you get better. Most mini-drivers come with the option to ride 3 or 4 fins
    so you can experiment with both.

    Hope this helps!
    -Chris +REAL Watersports 

  3. REAL Watersports

    +Emi Lightning you’re looking in the right direction with a beefier hybrid
    shape. Check out the following shapes and be sure you choose a size that
    has ample volume to help you catch waves and have stability when you pop
    up! All these boards are very user friendly and have big sweet spots to
    work no matter where you put your feet:

    …Lost LayZtoy (LayZboy) :

    …Lost RV :

    Roberts Dream Machine:

    Hope this helps! Contact us for more expert advice! 

  4. REAL Watersports

    Matt T –
    For small mushy waves you want a groveller style board. These boards can
    resemble fish shapes, they can be more rounded like little egg shapes, or
    some even resemble fat and stubby standard shortboards. For your body
    weight, the smallest board I would suggest for these conditions is 34
    liters of volume. To make the most out of the junky days, you probably
    want to go closer to 36-38 liters of volume.
    Some of our more popular grovellers are the Lost RV, the Lost Bottom
    Feeder, and the Channel Islands Average Joe:

    Lost RV – I recommend 5’10” for you:

    Lost Bottom Feeder – I recommend 5’8″:

    CI Average Joe – I recommend 5’9″:

    Hope this helps! Contact us with any more questions!
    -Chris REAL

  5. I used to ride a 5’10 19.5″ 2.25″ hybrid and I loved it for paddling and
    getting into waves, but I sold it and bout a 5’8 19.25″ 2.25″ short board
    for more maneuverability and now its really hard to paddle or get into
    waves. I am 5’8 155lbs. I’m looking to sell this shortboard and get
    something with more foam. What do you recommend?

  6. Wish I had this information when I was sold a surfboard in Portugal. I
    never really got going…thanks for the brilliant level of details.

  7. Ritchie Figueroa

    Hey great video i’m 5’5 @ 115 pounds and looking to buy my first board. I’m
    mostly gonna be surfing smaller waves around at new smyrna and cocoa beach.
    I was thinking about a “funboard” style board like in the 7 foot range.
    I’ve been skating for years. Thanks!

  8. I’m Looking to buy my first board I’m 5’8 and about 150lbs I’m looking for
    a board for small-regular sized waves. I can stand up and ride waves
    easily. What size would you reccomend?

  9. I’m wanting to buy my first surfboard. I surfed a little bit in Hawaii and
    Florida but I am honestly not good at surfing- I can only stand up on a
    board and ride a wave. I’m 5’3, 100lbs and am only looking for a board for
    smaller waves. Any suggestions? 

  10. Rafael Carvalho

    I’m a intermediate surfer and I usually surf on a 7’0 board, but I want to
    have more mobility and speed while riding the wave, to do agressives
    tricks, like cutbacks, floaters and stuff like that. I’m 173cm and 70kg,
    what do you recommend?

  11. I’m 17, weigh 46kg and 5ft tall. At the moment i’m riding a 6’1 Mark
    Richards Super twin fin, with a small rear stabiliser, and single to double
    I don’t live near the coast so i only get to surf every few weeks when i’m
    down there.
    I surf 2-4ft waves on Torquay main beach. I would say i’m closer to
    beginner and its hard to progress since i don’t get to practise much but
    when i finish school this year i plan on moving closer and surfing a lot
    I want to progress easily in the smaller waves and i also want to start
    doing carves and actually moving around on the wave. Thank you 🙂 

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  13. I am a beginner that is looking to buy a board that I can learn on but also
    advance to intermediate level. I weigh around 60 kgs and am around 180 cm
    tall. Hopefully you can help! 

  14. REAL Watersports

    +Lupe Loza – Thanks for your question. The best thing you can do is contact
    one of our REAL Pros and they can give you some advice on how to choose
    your board.! They will ask you lots of
    questions and help you narrow down the board thats right for you. Thanks. 

  15. im a beginner.. so im a middle surfer.. (small waves) not the smallest but
    im a middle surfer.. what board do i need?? I need a awnser! Im gonna buy a
    board.. My balance is very good.. help me please

  16. hey +REAL Watersports im 6’2 170lbs surfer and I want a board for smaller
    waves (Miami Beach) and to get big air and do end arounds and more
    technical surfing, what type of board should I get?

  17. hi, I am thinking of buying a surfboard and i have had multiple lessons in
    the past on soft boards and did a school surf camp where i went past
    breaking point on a softie and have also ridden a 8ft longboard no problem.
    I am wondering what board i should get. i am 15 years old weigh 65kg and am

  18. I am an intermediate surfer I am 5′ 8″ 135 lbs and I usually ride a board
    anywhere from 23.7-25 liters of volume. I surf in North Carolina and am
    looking for a board for when the waves start to get better. What do yoh

  19. Hey quick question. Beginner prob surfed 20x longboard can stand paddle
    etc. Would love to get the lost RV, I am 6’1 185lbs. Been skating,
    snowboarding and wake surfing forever. Just stuck on a length. Do you think
    this is a good choice? 

  20. Jordie Sutherland

    Thanks for the help guys! I was wondering what type of board I should be
    looking at. I weigh 59kg and I am surfing at an intermediate level but just
    learning to turn now. I have been surfing on a 6’4 which is way to big for
    me. I need a wide board as the waves where I live are hard to paddle on to.
    I am thinking of a meyerhoffer pill? Any suggestions :)

  21. Lucas Tarlington

    Hey, im 175cm tall and I just started surfing (like 2 weeks ago), I can
    nearly stand up but i’d like a board that will last me a long time
    (preferably not foam)

  22. Renaud von Wielligh

    Awesome tutorial, very informative!

    I’ve surfed plenty of times before with a range of rented boards, but I’m
    looking to actually buy my first board now. Waves I’ll be surfing will be
    anything from around 4ft to 8ft… I’m thinking a mini mal of some sort
    would serve me well, as I’ve mastered most basics but I still need to work
    on the fluidity of my turns. What I’m not sure about at all is volume. I
    weigh around 90kg/200lbs. Any chance I could get some advice? Thanks! 

  23. Carpicous Tenacity

    When I get to the point of buying a board (rather than renting/borrowing) I
    will be in for an adventure. 6’10” tall, 215lb. So a lot of length and high
    balance, but not much pushing power. Figure I will be stuck on longboards
    for quite some time?

  24. What`s up? I used to surf but always with boards not appropriated to me and
    for these reason i think i had never improved my surf. I`m almost 5 years
    without surfing and want to get back. I`m 6`3“ and 187 lb. I`m looking for
    an Evolution Board or a Funboard. Which one would be better for me? Thanks

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