How do I paddle faster? | SURFING SUBTITLES/CAPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON THIS VIDEO I want to help you paddle out faster. In this video, I’ve used a combination of…
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4 thoughts on “How do I paddle faster? | SURFING”

  1. Excellent video. I’m a novice surfer who is also a Crossfitter, runner and
    occasional swimmer. I’m very good at pull-ups (I can generally do 25-27
    dead hang pull-ups in the first set of a multiple set workout) and we do a
    lot of them in Crossfit. I’m a decent swimmer but based on my experience I
    really need to get to the pool a lot more frequently. Please keep up the
    good work!! 

  2. Very helpful. Now I understand y I paddled like a puppy…I’m a super small
    build girl(half your size, honest) small hands small shoulders, really need
    advice on improving efficiency of every move cos I’m not as strong. Would u
    hv any tips for me? What to train on, what’s especially important etc? Both
    for swimming n surfing. Thanks in advance

  3. Weekend Surf Warrior

    3 things to master to paddle faster: How do I paddle faster? | SURFING
    #surfing #stoked #surfer #surf

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