How to Paddle Out : Punching Through Waves – Learn Surfing

Check Out All Our Great Content Here! Learning to paddle out on a surfboard can be challenging. In this video surf lesson, Surf Coaches shows us how to punch through…

5 thoughts on “How to Paddle Out : Punching Through Waves – Learn Surfing”

  1. Thank you very much for the good explanations!
    Unforunately, I live on the landside, so I am not able to go surfing that
    often 🙁
    So I like it that you show me how to train these skills out of the water!
    On that way, I will have good knowledge and conditions for the next
    Have a nice day and good surf! 😀 

  2. Thanks for this tutorial. Will definately
    help me out next Time at Cold Hawaii (Denmark). 

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