Holiday in Palawan & Siargao, Philippines. Gopro 3 HD

My first travel movie of our holiday in the Philippines in December 2013. All filmed with a Gopro 3. The movie starts in El Nido, Palawan. After that we did …
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25 thoughts on “Holiday in Palawan & Siargao, Philippines. Gopro 3 HD”

  1. Wait, was there a bathroom in the place you slept cause all I saw was w
    wooden roof with openings and a white curtain

  2. riofranco alviar

    Marco emme L i wouldn’t recommend going there from september to february.
    It’s storm season. Its a good thing that this place is at the westside of
    the country. The eastside was ravaged by the typhoon haiyan when this video
    was filmed.

  3. Philippine Tourist Attractions

    Beautiful Palawan! We love to visit this place one day. It looks fun and
    perfect for adventure lovers like me

  4. Cool video. I love Philippines. Check out my video of TV Philippines and
    let me know what you think. Want to go again in April :)

  5. Top video buddy ……been meaning to get a GoPro for sometime now
    ……it’s certainly a must have now …..btw am so lucky that my princess
    is from Palawan ….thx for posting 

  6. Jovie Secretaria

    nice video and great choice of music 🙂 and the place is awesome such a
    paradise, anyway you can never go wrong with go pro!!!
    thank you for sharing your video…. keep it up

  7. Thanks for visiting Philippines. You are always welcome to come back again
    and I hope you enjoy your trip Michiel. Greetings from Philippines.

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