Freestyle Swimming Technique | Stroke

Get faster, fitter, stronger at the pool by improving your swim technique with our series of Speedo Fit videos. Produced with an elite swim coach and filmed …
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25 thoughts on “Freestyle Swimming Technique | Stroke”

  1. Really cool and helpful! Can you please elaborate a bit more on the
    breathing technique? I find that part the most difficult since when i
    surface my head to take breath sometimes slight amount of water pours in my
    mouth hehe and that discourages me a bit since its not a pleasant feeling.
    Im teaching myself to swim properly but this video helped a lot so thanks a

  2. Does anyone know who the swimmer is ? I don’t know much about swimming, but
    having watched a few videos it seems that you can use quite a variety of
    techniques and still win olympic gold medals.

  3. listen to these guys beacuse they know things like this and don’t listen to beacuse they tell you the wrong things and even show you the
    wrong way to swim.

  4. literally just started swimming. quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever
    experienced in my life; coordination of both decent form and breathing.
    Other than looking like a complete idiot in the water, I almost passed out
    in the shower.

  5. Cool, but this is not for beginners or hobby swimmers. Today I tried to use
    this technique of arms straight making a half circle under water, I felt it
    extremely exhausting and the lifeguard guy saw my pathetic effort and told
    me that for beginners it is recommended to have the arm bent after the
    stroke, move it only to the hip and then make the stroke from this
    position… much easier

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  7. This person has really good rotation I don’t on my freestyle and my
    shoulders hurt when u forget to rotate….. 

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  9. alex ampo Bandoy

    nice swimmers won in 800 meters freestyle using freestyle
    technique during the 1st Dinagat Islands Provincial Athletic Meet (DIPAM)
    last August 26-30, 2014…..thank you very much SPEEDO FIT….

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