Best surf spots in the world : Hawaii 1/2

surfing in some of the best reef breaks in the world.
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25 thoughts on “Best surf spots in the world : Hawaii 1/2”

  1. kauai is kinda getting like that too, theres spots here i’ve surfed for
    years without any crowd problems. now i go back to the spots i use to surf
    when i was a kid holy shit its packed with people now. i trip out.

  2. phillyphilhouse79

    Living the good life in Hawaii. Must be nice. Expensive, but nice. Would
    love to relocate there for a few years. Planning on it when I leave the

  3. i whant to learn how to surf. i have one year to spend. im thinking of
    vietnamn its the chepest place i can think of

  4. i freakin loved this place. the best place to live EVER! nuf respect to all
    those who were born and raised on the soil!

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