5′ Guitar Exercise: Find Melodies You Know (Guitar Lesson EX-101)

5' Guitar Exercise: Find Melodies You Know (Guitar Lesson EX-101)

First of my new series of 5 Minute Guitar Exercises is a really awesome tool to help you develop your ear / hand relationship, Find Melodies You Know. It’d n…
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25 thoughts on “5′ Guitar Exercise: Find Melodies You Know (Guitar Lesson EX-101)”

  1. I took a music theory class in HS and I was absolutely horrible at
    melodic dictation and sight seeing so that really scared me off from ever
    trying to do stuff by ear.
    I might eventually try it, but a big problem for me is fear of failure.
    What if I waste too much time trying to transcribe a song and I just
    realize I started at the wrong fret or I find a really accurate tab that
    says I’m totally wrong. I don’t want to have to put that work in only to
    discover that I wasted all that time : (.
    Also I would have no way of knowing is a chord is a regular type of
    chord or something special, like in Love Me Tender I might have been able
    to do most of that by myself if I tried, but there’s no way in a million
    years I would have known about the Gm6 in the chorus

  2. Some good ones that I have figured out. All in the major scale are: Twinkle
    Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Frère Jacques, When Johnny
    Comes Marching Home Again (Hurrah, Hurrah). Row Row Row Your Boat, Polly
    Put The Kettle On. These are all as simple as Happy Birthday and great when
    you can play them. This is what I did first to get used to playing by ear
    now I can figure out some decent rock riffs. This may seem kinda gay but it
    is the only way I know how to start to grasp playing by ear. Do what Justin
    says and it will work.

  3. Hi Justin, please check your microphone !
    This vid sound not good (maybe also a little dully)
    I had compared with other.

  4. On the first go at this I played the melody from the Sesame Street theme
    Really good ideas, thanks Justin.

  5. I always do this, it is most of my goal when playing an instrument is to be
    able to play the things I remember. Some people are amazed I can remember
    whole pieces and I tell them, well I can remember the song.

    Some people try to remember notes or positions, few! man I could not do
    that and remember it years later. This is almost the entire reason I play
    violin. remember a tune, pick it up, play it. I think violin is much more
    conducive of by-ear playing though, because you have to learn intonation by
    ear the practice is built in.

    But yes, this is most of the fun of playing an instrument! People say,
    “play x for me!” and you go sure thing! You only need to have heard it
    before yourself. No music, tabs, just sound.

  6. This is a phenomenal exercise. Further more, listening to something or
    having really engrained in your head and trying to play it, isn’t it the
    foundation of transcribing your are recommending us to do so often (the
    last step of the transcription of course being writing what you write on

  7. the most basic things are the most important one’s eh? I agree Justin. I
    work at technique and boring exercise’s I have an ear for learning steely
    dan, and Jeff beck stuff, but sad to say the simple stuff and playing it
    right is not so easy. thanks for the tip, keep on playin’, just sayin’

  8. Grzegorz Romanowski

    Great lesson.

    Now I’m trying to find in my mind, what melodies are well known by myself.
    Happy Birthday of course, maybe Mission Imposible theme, maybe great theme
    of Pirates of the Carribean. Maybe first notes of La Bamba Los Lobos.

  9. Sounds like playing by ear, the worst problem though is knowing which
    finger to use for the appropriate note. I have tiny oriental baby girl
    fingers, plus there are so many tabs out there, a lot of which are
    “transcribed” who is quite obviously tone deaf.
    Many of the tabs for the GnR track you mention, are either wrong, or
    someone has mutant length fingers. Then someone posts their seven year old
    daughter, rippin it up, along with many others. its so unfair.

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