Worst Wipeouts! Billabong XXL 2013 Epic Fails

http://www.thesurfchannel.com/slide/billabong-xxl-big-wave-award-winners-and-red-carpet-photo-gallery/ The Billabong XXL panel narrowed down the best wipeout…
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25 thoughts on “Worst Wipeouts! Billabong XXL 2013 Epic Fails”

  1. Just watching this it’s easy to see that what they say is true… in order
    to even attempt any serious surfing – much less big wave surfing – you must
    be able to hold your breath for at least two full minutes. That is a LONG
    time, especially when you’re being slammed around under water. Big wave
    surfing really does make all other extreme sports look like shuffleboard.

  2. epic fails – SERIOUSLY ? the word fail shouldn’t come anywhere close to
    anyone putting their bodies on the line like these guys. they all deserve
    huge respect for pushing the boundaries of our sport 

  3. To appreciate better what it takes to ride on the edge of the possible, I
    think it’s worth seeing that it takes absorbing plenty of these to develop
    the necessary expertise … 

  4. Honeysucklebommie

    1:09sure is nasty but it could of been worse that wave could easily have
    posted his board right up his clacker like an early Christmas card.

  5. It´s common, the other answers are right and also keeping the board near
    you may wil make your rescue a little more difficult

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