Wizard Sleeve Surfboard Review

Wizard Sleeve Surfboard Review

http://www.surfstationstore.com/ The Wizard Sleeve from Channel Islands and Kelly Slater as reviewed by Matt. For more info email us http://www.surf-station….

4 thoughts on “Wizard Sleeve Surfboard Review”

  1. hi I got some questions about the board, im wanting to order one, a 5’7 ,
    19.5 , 2 3/8. I’m now surfing on a standard shortboard (squash tail) 6’0,
    18 3/8, 2 1/4 and a fish sort of weirdo ripper with POD nose 5’11, 2 5/8,
    20 3/4. And I weight eround 65 kg. Do you think the wizard sleeve is a good
    all round board from small waves (3ft) to big ones? Cheers!

  2. the Surf Station

    The Wizard Sleeve is definitely a specialty board, it’s not meant for
    really small waves but rather chest high to overhead. 5’7 would be about
    the right size for you. If you would like a more detailed consultation
    please email us and we can help you more from there.

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