Vans’ First Surf Film, Get-N Classic, Volume 1

Years in the making and filmed at the world’s most coveted surf spots, the Get-N Classic Series chronicles Vans’ eclectic surf crew Volume 1 is the first in …
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25 thoughts on “Vans’ First Surf Film, Get-N Classic, Volume 1”

  1. To me Surf films died when the Surf Theater in Huntington Beach closed. In
    the mid ’70’s my favorite surf film was “A Winters Tale” because the
    soundtrack was The Dark Side of the Moon album. The media of conveyance
    has changed so radically, but the nature of life is to adapt. So, keep up
    the good work Vans ( the classic footwear of So. Cal. surfers.)

  2. Great vid. Kudos on the soundtrack. Nothin’ worse than images of these
    daredevil athletes charging sphincter shredding surf to Jack Johnson or god
    forbid homosexual EDM. Long live rock & roll. Gonna go buy some Vans now.

  3. Harry Paul Garcia

    Fantastic surfing! Years in the making? I’m not too sure, most of these
    surfers don’t even shave yet! A couple are bearly out of diapers. lol.
    Beautiful mother nature blossoming across the oceans! Surf on

  4. Dhiya Muhammad

    Anyone knows what board is that at 03:38 and who is the rider anyway, is it
    Alex Knost with black hair?

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