Surfing Santa Cruz — Noseriding Clinic

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25 thoughts on “Surfing Santa Cruz — Noseriding Clinic”

  1. Love to watch this video……………nice surf………nice
    music……..all is peace………thanks to post…………Mario (Brazil)

  2. I really want to learn how to do this!! I’m a 5’4 thin girl. What size
    board would you recommend? I could I do it on something int he 8 foot
    range? I would rather not have a board over 9 foot.

  3. Someone answered this months back, but since I keep seeing posts asking for
    the soundtrack… the song is “Girl U So Fine – Pt 1 & 2” by Slightly
    Stoopid. San Diego represent! God bless!

  4. I’m just learning to surf, and I cannot fathom how they can catch such
    small waves. So frustrating!! But a great video.

  5. i’ve been watching this video before every session…. great inspiration,
    and the music sets the mood for a relaxing sesh!!

  6. Long boarding is very pretty:) I don’t get why short boarders knock on it
    all the time, I’ve done both and they’re both fun in their own ways! But
    long boarding motions are far prettier in my opinion, more about flow than
    top to bottom speed!

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