Surfing on a longboard on Lake Superior

For more Lake Superior surf action check out A quick what not to do on a longboard. Surfing lessons courtesy of Stefa*(Name edited …

25 thoughts on “Surfing on a longboard on Lake Superior”

  1. i tried to learn on a short board in small surf so I learned the hard way
    and did research to find out why surfing was so hard for me.

  2. Ummm….shouldn’t this be named, “Pearling on a longboard on Lake
    Superior”? Gotta love that this is a lake, though. 🙂

  3. He took a high center of gravity and the entire board sank, if he had
    stayed low for another second it wouldn’t have done that.

  4. I love one clip 30 sec videos on youtube! we need more! who want’s to watch
    an actual ride on that wave and really sit down of 2 minutes and see what
    the wave had to offer. that would be lame. a 22 sec clip of some beater
    bailing is perfect. great work!

  5. You gotta blow the best wave of the day every once in while…It’s what
    keeps you hungry! Keep trying…It might be worth paddling at a slight
    angle…just saying. Either way I cant believe that is in fresh water…

  6. I might add that if you can buy one board, buy a long board because a
    longboard can be used in almost any conditions where as a shortboard is
    only good for large surf.

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