Surfing Lessons: How to Pop Up on a Shortboard

Surfing Lessons: How to Pop Up on a Shortboard Learning how to pop up on a surfboard can be challenging. Learning to pop up on a shortboard even more! In this surf lesson, Surf Coa…
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25 thoughts on “Surfing Lessons: How to Pop Up on a Shortboard”

  1. I surf foamies and would like to move onto fiber glass. I’m around 5ft 3ish
    and 50kg would you recommend a long fiberglass board or a short board.
    Also my local beach has some good barrels.
    The beach is Secret Harbor Western Australia.
    If you watch some of the videos on YouTube could you recommend anything?
    Cheers from WA


  2. Renê Baldissera

    Hey guys! First of all, your channel is awesome, thanks for the surf tips!
    Now the question: Is it a problem if I’m doing the 1 step technique on
    shortboards but instead of using my toes to stand up in the beginning I’m
    using my knees on the tail pad?

  3. Paolo Manuel Soler

    This is so helpful. I’ve been surfing for 16 years and have had trouble
    with my shortboard pop ups. This technique is definitely something I’m
    going to try on my next surf sesh. Do you mind if I share this video on my
    surf school’s page?

  4. Deborah Redwood

    Didnt realise I could use the chicken wing on a short board, nor did I
    realise I needed to put one leg on the pad at the back, that makes life
    easier! thanks guys

  5. Thanks for the great videos, in particular this one! I have a question–is
    it possible to use this technique on faster and bigger waves? I always have
    problems popping up the “normal” way and can’t get my L foot forward enough
    (regular footed). This technique seems like it would help a lot!

  6. dollsandfairies

    Thank you for this! I’ve been nose diving a while ago. lol. Will try this
    technique next time! 

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