25 thoughts on “SURFING FAIL!”

  1. dang shay LMAO!! u cracc me up so much it hurts and your not even trying-
    laughed so hard when you cut yourself off and said “everytime i start
    singin..”- love to you and your fam bro!

  2. That thing that sontard caught IS a sand Crab if you check shallow and see
    zig zaggy lines those are where the baby’s are and the linea are there feet

  3. i have not watched for 2 weeks due to being away and i have never missed an
    episode, however, im sat here and this is my first catchup episode, and OMG
    shay has lost so much weight, i only noticed because i have been away for 2

  4. shay, it would help a TON if when you stand up on the longboard to separate
    your feet more, like riding a skateboard almost. it gives you more
    stability. great job though!

  5. It’s 9pm, dark and rainy here in the UK and my train is delayed 🙁 you guys
    are keeping me cheerful. Thankyou xx

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