SURF LESSONS in Mazatlan

SURF LESSONS in Mazatlan CONTACT – Miguel …e-mail… by 3 Time Mexico Jr. National Champion Miguel Rodriquez (BONGA) phone 669-912-9…
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  1. What day is cruiseshp day? that’s probaby a busy day for Miguel. We want to
    get a lesson early in our week so if the boys want to have another or try
    sufing on their own, they’ll have time. There will be five of us (maybe 6)
    and we’ll be there the week of MArch 10. So maybe Monday the 11th. We’re
    all beginners, but the boys are avid snow boarders, if that helps any.
    Thanks in advance for your reply. See you SOON! ~Kari

  2. Hi Kari, I wondered if you received my reply? Miguel would gladly provide
    lessons for your group. If you e-mail me at I can make the
    detailed arrangements for your group. Lessons include pickup at your
    accommodations and 2 hours of instruction on boards suitable for the level
    of ability each group member requires.

  3. Depending on the conditions , wave height, and level of the surfer, classes
    can be held in a number of locations. Playa Bruja, Valentinos, Balboa ,
    Pueblo Bonito, Stone Island and many more. Miguel will pick you up or meet
    you at the location that he suggests for your lesson.

  4. Hi Randy, 1 day notice is usually sufficient provided Miguel, the
    instructor, is not prebooked. It does make it easier if we know ahead of
    time when, and how many participants are looking for lessons. Enjoy your
    stay in Mazatlan!

  5. For sure adult women! The lady in the video was with her family of 6 and
    out of all of them she did the best!! ( Including the young teenagers and
    the dad) Any age can try and Miguel has several boards to meet the
    requirements for any level learner.

  6. Hi Randy, Snowboarding skills transfer well to surfing! Monday March 11
    would be fine. Please contact me at and we can discuss a
    group rate and the possibility of additional lessons or board rentals for
    later in the week.

  7. If you are in Canada/U.S. you can call me at 780-924-2251 or 780 800 3251
    and I would be happy to call you back. Miguel’s cell number is 669-912-9665

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