Surf Lessons : 3 Pop Up techniques

A demo video that shows 3 methods of getting to your feet successfully on a surfboard. The Pop Up, The Knee Method and The Aussie Sprinter Technique. Watch a…
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21 thoughts on “Surf Lessons : 3 Pop Up techniques”

  1. theonlinesurfschool

    Não há nenhuma maneira errada ou direita realmente. O problema com pé
    traseiro primeiro é que pode o fazer põr sobre os freios quando você
    começa. É o melhor fazer ao mesmo tempo ambos. Pesaroso sobre meu português

  2. theonlinesurfschool

    It would be good to work on your technique to really try to get your front
    foot on the board first. If you back foot goes up 1st (even like on the
    aussie sprinter technique) it puts the brakes on slightly when you are
    taking off on a wave so it is not ideal. Practice on the floor behind
    closed doors and you will get it wired soon enough. def. try the Pop Up
    technique as your no 1 goal – the other 2 are there only if you really
    struggle with it. Good luck

  3. ridicules video, puting the toes to pop up the right way is your back foot
    first wen you do dat quik loks like you doing both feet at same time, sory
    my ingles im from portugal

  4. i have seen so many bad instructional videos, thank you so much for making
    one that is actually fun and helpful 😀

  5. yer. that all works on a 7ft board but when you on a 6ft board or bellow
    you are not able to use your toes to pop up so how do you do it in one
    movment then. I can do it on the floor straight of my knees but asoon as i
    am in the water i just can not do it.? do you have any tips………….?
    thanksss alot.

  6. On the “pop-up” here’s the problem with us newbies. During the split second
    action this is what we see. We see two hands down, but two feet “flying” in
    the air. That’s the problem. We think it’s a quick jump. That’s physically
    impossible. Here’s the reality. First, two hands and two feet are down.
    Then “quickly” one feet is up and sliding forward while two hands + one
    feet is down. That lead feet has to leave the ground first. It’s so
    “natural” for you guys, you don’t even know it.

  7. theo todos sabemos k ha varias maneiras mas por as pontas dos pes atras
    para levantar nao existe quando se faz issi no chao para aprender eu digo k
    nao se pode fazer pork issi na agua nao acontece e e´muito mais facil.

  8. @surfsup1552 don’t rush it. you dont really have to pop up as it makes the
    movement seem like it needs to be done quick. it’s more of a step up with
    you first foot.

  9. theonlinesurfschool

    Alguns povos não têm a força ou a flexibilidade fazer ‘ o PNF up’ isso é
    porque há umas alternativas. Os joelhos são apenas começ povos começados.
    Não é ideal!

  10. Mrbiggerthanlife

    Very good, I have never seen the “Ozzy sprint” done before, even though
    that is what I use myself lol. Guess I am not that unique after all 😀

  11. There is a good youtube video showing a proper shortboard pop up: Search
    for “Real shortboard pop up” from H2Obrethren. That is how Kelly Slater,
    Mick Fanning, and all the top pros do it. Since your toes are hanging off
    the back of your board, you need to sort of brace off of you knees and
    explode upwards with your hips while pushing up and getting your feet
    underneath you all in one smooth motion. It can be hard if you’re not used
    to it, but you can practice on land and slowly work up to it

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