25 thoughts on “Skrillex crowd surfing fail Mekka miami March 25 2011”

  1. Chase Aleksick

    It’s funny that you say you “made up” but won’t admit you lied to try and
    get an upper hand in an argument. The fact that you did that is childish
    and makes your entire argument invalid. Skrillex doesn’t crowd surf any
    more ! Everything you say is wrong.

  2. Chase Aleksick

    Not all of the time do people pay to strictly see Skrillex. Most of the
    time he is at a festival along with other DJs and people have to watch him.
    I advised him to spend more time mixing than crowd surfing, he fell on the
    floor in contrary to my advice. I think it’s valid. Skrillix is a male DJ
    not a female model. Relying on trolling because your point is invalid is

  3. hahaha i got this on video too with my new itouch! hahah having trouble
    posting it thought i have a way better angle. shit was hilarious!!

  4. Amazing, he can push “play” and walk away. Some performance. Did he even
    need to be there? Why not just have some other dude play his songs?

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