Skatefresh How to skate App Trailer – Extended Version with lesson clips

The only Skate Tuition Apps series, from Skatefresh; detailed video lessons with practice notes available from the Skatefresh Apps.…
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25 thoughts on “Skatefresh How to skate App Trailer – Extended Version with lesson clips”

  1. I have just bought my first pair but because i used to ice scate i decided
    to remove the brake. Thanks to your videos it has taken me 20 minutes to
    learn a T stop.

  2. SkatefreshVideos

    Thank you! The app videos are much more detailed than the short Youtube
    videos but if you gain benefit, I’m happy. xx

  3. SkatefreshVideos

    Fantastic! That’s the idea of the apps, to enable skaters everywhere to
    achieve the skills they want to. You should feel justly proud of yourself.
    The T-stop pushes you firmly into intermediate World!!!

  4. Asha is a very advanced technical skater. She is the smoothest inline
    skater I’ve witnessed. I’ve seen amazing freestyle skaters; yet, where can
    you go to build towards that? I rec’d getting all three of Ashes

  5. SkatefreshVideos

    Thank you Leila, I really appreciate your feedback. If you have time one
    day, could you please copy what you said about my apps and post as a review
    on the app store (or on GooglePLay if you bought androids). Thank you.
    People really read reviews and I intended the apps to be useful for real
    skaters wanting to improve, so your review above shows that they can work.
    Thank you so much in advance. Ashaxx

  6. but why u are using heel-stop??? in my country we learn with out this and
    we skate in main streets and down hills chek my videos

  7. SkatefreshVideos

    You are welcome! It’s my pleasure to know these short videos help you (and
    so many others). I am making more short video tutorials in the next few
    weeks. I am busy writing more scripts for a new SKate Dance App and also
    some NEW Quads tutorials. I’m super busy but very happy. WHich stop did you
    learn using my video, the heel brake or T stop?

  8. thank you for everything you do. I know how to stop because of you :). I
    really appreciate you doing these lessons. You are the best!

  9. SkatefreshVideos

    Backwards powerslide is good at high speed backwards but not on rough
    surface. There is a video on this youtube channel of backwards powerslide.
    Hope it helps.

  10. SkatefreshVideos

    I’m waiting for the UK weather to improve before I make some more mini
    tutorials. But there are a lot more lessons in a lot more detail available
    on the new Skatefresh Apps. I am writing and preparing more, but they take
    a long time to make (write scripts, film, edit, build app). But it’s in

  11. …Asha’s apps and watch em all straight through and you’ll see how it
    unfolds. I’m working on getting the correct skates yet I am using my jockey
    skates e/day to do the best I can it takes awhile to get to Asha’s level
    don’t underestimate it!

  12. SkatefreshVideos

    I’m a teacher of skating and the heel brake stop is the BEST method for
    coming to a quick and safe stop in all situations (hills, emergencies etc).
    There is great misunderstanding about the importance of the heel brake for
    all skaters and how being able to stop well enhances all aspects of
    someone’s skating, especially their ability to enjoy speed and learn more
    advanced, difficult moves. There are other stops but many of these other
    methods are fairly hard to master and not as consistent.

  13. SkatefreshVideos

    Have you seen the Skatefresh Advanced App lessons; 7 minute video for
    Forwards Three turn lesson and 10 minute video for backwards three turn
    lesson. Tonnes of info on there to help you learn it. It’s a very complex
    move and you don’t want to get it wrong. It can be very scary.

  14. your videos are really wonderful 🙂 i’m planning to purchase inline
    skates..which ones do you use?? can they be also used for slalom?

  15. Hey I got question. How to stop on rollerblades when you going really fast
    in backward possition? Thanks for reply!

  16. 12 seconds into this video you etched a couple of black archs off your
    skates how did you set that up to draw w/ your wheels like that?

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