18 thoughts on “Rincon Classic 2014 Dolphins surfing”

  1. southrules is jellies because you dont live here. and no, there were no
    sharks. just people enjoying paradise and the dolphins.

  2. How amazing!!!! As a kid, used to love the drive from Santa Barbara south
    on the 101….. We called the little island in the background “Gilligan’s
    Island”!!! 9 x outta 10 we’d always see dolphins around that stretch of the
    101…. Man, do I miss living out there! You don’t appreciate Santa Barbara
    till your gone…….!!!!!!

  3. I can hear the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” but change Girls to
    Dolphins! priceless shot thanks for posting !! 

  4. Never have seen anything like this. Thank you for sharing. See the Pods of
    Dolphins often but this is fantastic. Was hoping someone would post to You
    Tube! Great job!

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