25 thoughts on “performance Longboarding, Ventura CA”

  1. What’s the length of the board man? Looking to get myself a longboard but
    still want something I can throw around and maneuver like in this vid. Some
    sick chops!

  2. NICE! do u ride short boards because you ride your long board as if ir was
    a shortboard with the rail to rail turns and carving on that monster lol

  3. performance huh? the biggest wave is like 3ft… try surf 8 footers on a
    9’0″. thats performance. get pitted.

  4. its harder to turn a big board when you have small waves and no speed then
    it is with a bigger wave with a bunch of speed. its performance….

  5. It would be so much better if the longboard was a 2+1 instead of thruster.
    The helicopter crap just ruins an otherwise good wave.

  6. im a local and half of the people con do what he is doing…but he does it
    wayyy smootherrr but its all about fun. -ventura ripper

  7. Personally, I find this kind of surfing tedious. Sure, it’s full of tricks
    and maneuvers and charging. But it totally lacks finesse, style or
    substance. In a funny way, it reminds me of Christina Aguilera massacring
    the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Look at me … look at me …

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