My first time Kitesurfing / Kiteboard, 1 Step Kite Control – beginner – Florida

My very 1st time trying kiteboarding, I had no trainer kite, instructors or classes. My experience so far is from video lessons. This is a 12m Windwing got i…
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10 thoughts on “My first time Kitesurfing / Kiteboard, 1 Step Kite Control – beginner – Florida”

  1. Matthew Schlatter

    Lessons and a trainer kite really do pay off… My first time kitesurfing I
    took lessons and within 2 hours I was riding up wind and doing downloop
    transitions as well as riding toeside.

  2. Not too bad for the first time. But honestly, individuals wanting to
    kiteboard need to first use a trainer kite and get lessons. You’ll know
    what I mean once you start kiteboarding and find that a beach has been
    closed because of one derelict who didn’t get lessons and closed the beach
    to kiteboarders because of their inability to control the kite.

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing. Can you please tell me 1 or 2 youtube lessons that
    helped you the most? I’m far from home but when I get back to Miami I wanna
    start kitesurfing and I also think lessons are too expensive to begin.

  4. I do agree with you. I did some researches looking for instructors but the
    price is way to high, something around $200 - $300 per lesson. (almost the
    price of a 2006 kite + bar) at least here in Florida. Today I can launch
    and land a kite much more safer my current step now is learning the board
    (jumping, turns) But again I agree with you.

  5. The kite really is underflated, you need to pump it up harder. And you not
    going to come far in kitesurfing if you not willing to pay a bit of money
    for reasonable gear. Lessons help too in the beginning.

  6. If you’re looking just the basics kite + line + fly here a good link with
    video. you can search on google ” Sharkwind ” is a very helpful website
    that provides video and wind report. after that you can learn board, jumps
    and some other tricks watching Progression Beginner, Intermediate and pro.
    just type Progression Kiteboarding Thanks

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