Modern Longboarding Trailer by Alan Robb

Shooting video of these people is a thankless job, but as a longboarder I enjoy it enough to appreciate their surfing if I ignore the social aspects.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

12 thoughts on “Modern Longboarding Trailer by Alan Robb”

  1. Steve Newman and Tony Cox, Robin Auld, Dave Van Rensburg, and Hot Water.
    Credits should be at the end of the video!

  2. Hi Allan …awesome video…makes me proud being a South African ( Cape
    Tonian)….beautiful Country !…..Beautiful People !……Big Talent and
    Great Humour…. Well done … all !!!

  3. Juan Francisco Atienza de Almeida Prado

    you have the name of the musics ?!?! i cant find with the name of bands
    thanks bro !

  4. Tracks from Steve Newman & Tony Cox, Robin Auld, Hot Water, and Dave Van
    Rensberg in that order. Thanks for watching, Wayne!

  5. Thanks Dominic, have only scratched the surface of the talent (and humour)
    of these people and others. Thanks!

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