9 thoughts on “Lost RV Surfboard Review”

  1. I don’t know which to choose between the r.v. and rnf5, which would you
    I’m looking for a really easy to paddle and take off board on small waves
    or tricky conditions and at the same times agile board!

  2. Cool looking board. Reminds me a lot of my Rusty Dwart. Will be interesting
    to hear some comparisons of the RV to the Dwart. Can you guys at REALl give
    us the low down on how the RV compares to other similar models from other
    shapers? Btw, I’ve also got a 5’8″ Lost Bottom Feeder with the Futures
    Controllers, super sick board, kind of a magic board for junk to average
    waves and those fins are amazing.

  3. Hi, would you recommend this board to a front footed surfer? is this a good
    board for small mushy wavs? I’m actually riding a sub driver 5’10 x 19 x 2
    3/8 (27.3 L), which dimensiones would you recommend? thanks!

  4. REAL Watersports

    It’s probably a little closer to CP>LayzBoy>RV. I just updated the video
    description above with the breakdown (because you can only fit so many
    characters into replies here!). Hope that helps. -Pete

  5. Nice review, Thanks! I love my couch potato and have wondered what the
    order is from grovel to hp with the Domesticated series. Would it now be
    Couch Potato>RV>LayZboy? Also how would the Bottom feeder fit in to that
    order? Thanks!

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