Longboard Surfing, 2007 Florida

Longboarders enjoy some weak swells in Cocoa Beach, summer 07. Background surf music by The Aquanuts http://www.myspace.com/aquanutsband.
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25 thoughts on “Longboard Surfing, 2007 Florida”

  1. Humblelongboards, I live in St. Augustine. There’s usually good small
    swells that come through all the time, although we’ll get some occasional
    larger swells that keep the shortboarders happy.

  2. I must add that this entire video is awesome..the music the color the
    surfing! I want to look that cool on a longboard, haha.

  3. humblelongboards

    if that was indeed a shark fin, it’s looks to be one big ass shark although
    i am no scientist (no pun or disrespect intended)

  4. Yep, I surf regular at Cocoa Beach when passing through, seen a few sharks
    every now and then but thats the biggest fin I have seen that way for a
    long time… close call guys and gals. Had a great white swim under me in
    northern california once… But Hey its salt walter, if its wet and salty
    its got a shark or two!

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